Appenzeller Schaukäserei

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The Appenzell show dairy takes you on a very special journey of discovery: from the craftsmanship of cheese-making to the vastness and beauty of Appenzellerland. Here you can feel that tradition and customs are still alive. It is precisely this attachment to their homeland that makes the people of Appenzell so unique.

The showcase of the world-famous Appenzeller® cheese lies in the middle of a hilly, idyllic landscape and is a place for all the senses. Find out why Appenzeller® cheese is the spiciest cheese in Switzerland. However, the recipe for the herbal sour cream remains top secret. But you have the opportunity to put together your very own herb mixture and take it home with you. Listen to the typical sounds of Appenzellerland, marvel at the imposing cheese cellar where up to 12,500 loaves are stored and be fascinated by the view into the huge cheese vat. Come by, immerse yourself in the homeland, the pleasure and the taste.

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