Follow your nose to discover the deliciousness of Eastern Switzerland

Indulge in delectable dishes from the region’s excellent restaurants or try a culinary experience as part of an active day out in the countryside.


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Culinary tours:

St.Gallen also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. Get to know the regional classics on a guided tour, learn exciting facts about the culinary delicacies and get a lasting impression of the city of St.Gallen in the process.

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The St.Gallen-Lake Constance region is a connoisseur's paradise. The culinary tradition of St.Gallen doesn’t stop at its famous bratwurst and award-winning beer – the Eastern Swiss metropolis also offers an impressive array of sumptuous culinary delights to tantalise the taste buds. An exciting and diverse range of specialities can be enjoyed in a variety of different settings. It's the variety that makes the difference: traditional “Erststock-Beizli” (first-floor restaurants), restaurants with breathtaking views in or on the way to day-trip destinations and urban spots specialising in fusion food. As a whole, the St.Gallen region offers an impressively diverse menu. The city also has a thriving café culture, offering myriad regional specialities to enjoy with your coffee.